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Titanium: Quest of a Queen

April 9, 2020
Dear friends,
As new shootings have been delayed by the global shutdown, here is another oldie but goldie:
"TITANIUM - QUEST OF A QUEEN", 19 minutes of hot erotic lesbian blood action for only $8.

Joanne plays a captured Amazon Warrior who is bound to be the next plaything for the Amazon Queen Eve.
Guard Tina explains her that the Queen will kill her after she has satisfied her lust but proposes a devilish plan to her...
with a knife made of Titanium she can kill Eve when she hits her only vulnerable spot: her bellybutton!

Joanne agrees and teases the Queen with her body, driving her nearly mad of desire until she finally thrusts the Titanium blade in her navel.
But the price for killing a Queen won't be freedom...

Surely one of the most sensous Amfight moves with great sexy performances by Joanne and Eve, steaming up the screen.

Fetish Elements: Topless - Lesbian seduction and actions - Loincloth - Death by Knife (Bellybutton/Navel, back), Blood from mouth - Long Sensuous Writhing

This video contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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