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~Naughty Knives~

A new video is ready, this time a VERY sexy custom production again: NAUGHTY KNIVES! 22 minutes, $13
Chrissy has invited her long time friend Diane for a drink.
But both girls are in a kinky and perverted mood and so, they're sitting on the sofa,
in front of a table where some knives are displayed. Except for one, all knives are fake!
Soon the atmosphere gets hotter and the girls excited, so they undress and start to play a deadly game.
They will play kind of a Russian roulette with the knives, teasing each other with the blades,
stroking it over and finally pushing it in the naked body of the other!
The game continues until one pair of identical knives is left… which will be the real one now?

Customer quote: I just watched the video and DAAAMMMNN, that was SUPER HOT!!
The girls and yourself have made a great job, once again!
Thank you for this pure little gem!
You can forward my congratulations to Chrissy and Diane, they performed just great!

Please note that due to size restrictions the version on Nicheclips has to be rendered in slightly lesser quality than the version on Gumroad.

Fetish Elements:
Full Nudity - Sweaty bodies - belly - bare feet - stabbed – lesbian - Deaths by knife (abdomen, chest) – topless – lingerie – game -
FULL HD resolution - 22 minutes
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

The AmFight Videos are available at:

AmFight at GumRoad

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