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April 1st at 08:52:31 AM
Dear friends,
No April fools day, indeed a BRAND NEW VIDEO!
CLONE HUNTER JENNY - Written & Directed by TS Solstice
The next entry in the Clones Sentry series: this time it's Jenny's mission to hunt down Agents Orsi and Angie, together with all their clones. After she manages to eliminate three clones with her silencer, Jenny faces the real Agent Orsi. First she is laughing that Orsi brought a knife to a gunfight, but Orsi still has a deadly surprise for Jenny left!

Super sexy topless, barefoot agents battling it out in jeans hot pants!!!

Bonus: Outtakes and bloopers

Fetish Elements: Topless - Sweaty bodies – Gunfight – silencer - Shot - Muzzle FX - belly - long sensual writhing – Assassins – Clones – Agents - Barefoot

Hope you enjoy and happy Easter!

Best, Solstice

This clip contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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