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Battle of Hate

Dear Friends,
As you know I opened sale for my new clips at gumroad. >br?I also started publishing there my archive clips - for a discount price, remastered and sometimes with new fx added.
Maybe this is of interest for some of you here, so I will update this thread whenever something new from the old stock is there.
Just today I put BATTLE OF HATE online:

Tina and Eve star as Amazon Warriors who deeply hate each other.
So both are called by Queen Joanne to settle it.
Both warriors agree to a knife fight to the death.
What Tina does not know is, that Eve is secretly JoanneĀ“s lover.
Finally the warriors meet to fight.
Each of them is self-assured and the fight is accompanied by delicious trash talk.
Tina turns out to be much stronger than Eve, killing her finally with two stabs to the belly and chest.
With the bloodied loincloth of Eve, Tina enters JoanneĀ“s room, who is surprised and saddened by the death of her lover.
She will have a special gift for Tina and finally no one will get out alive there.
A long-running, great clip with gorgeous actresses, three erotic deaths!
German language with English subtitles.

This video contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

The AmFight Videos are available at:

AmFight at GumRoad

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