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~The Amazon Huntress~

Dear friends,
Another brand new video is up: THE AMAZON HUNTRESS!!!

Angie, the famous Amazon Huntress is on her way to the Lair of the Amazons. First she has to eliminate sentry Jenny, who is able to block the first two bullets with her sword, but as angie fires two quick shots, one bullet enters her naked belly, right in the navel!
Jenny collapses and dies slowly, writhing on the ground, offering her beautfiul naked body for everyone to enjoy. Then Angie can proceed to her main target: Orsi, Queen of the Amazons! She is protected by magic necklace but Angie knows about her weakness. Playing with the hot barrel in her navel, the Queen quickly becomes aroused and finally removes the necklace.
Angie knows no mercy and shoots the Queen like a stray dog through her navel. Bleeding massively, Orsi collapses on the ground and soon joins her sentry in death.
The Amazon Huntress is victorious once again.

Fetish Elements: Topless Nudity, Sweaty bodies, belly, bare feet, shot, navel, bellybutton, amazons, writhing, arching, stretching, moaning, sentry, queen, barefeet, death by gun (2 x navel)

FULL HD resolution - 14 minutes


Best, Solstice

This video contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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