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Dear friends,
Here is the last vid for this year, the conlcusion of the Amazon Dreams series, here's the bloody final:

Chrissy is laying on the couch in her tiny leopard print bikini awaiting her girlfriend since childhood, Diane to come by (Diane has long wanted an intimate lesbian relationship with Chrissy. But Chrissy has just wanted to remain friends). Chrissy falls into a deep sleep and begins dreaming she is an Amazon Warrior with plans to dethrone the Queen, Diane. Her dreams include 3 different ways to torture, seduce and cause a slow painful death to the Queen, Diane.

This is Dream #3:
Chrissy's dream shifts to Diane tied down by the hands and feet and stretched out on the floor with back arched, body oiled. Diane begins to awake only to find herself restrained and stretched on the floor. Blood is flowing from her nose and mouth.
Chrissy enters the room with a knife and begins telling Diane what she's going to do to her.
Chrissy teases and strokes Diane seductively with the knife. Diane is tense with fear but tries not to show it. She stretches and twists trying to free herself from the ropes.
Chrissy gropes Diane's breasts, kisses her neck, shoulders, ribs and abs… and continues tracing the knife over Diane's prone, stretched abs. It is becoming seductive and very erotic. Diane is hot now too.
As Diane is beginning to enjoy Chrissy's erotic teasing, Chrissy stabs Diane in the side of the lower ribs. Diane is wide eyed and stunned. Blood flows. Then Chrissy stabs Diane in the side of one breast. More blood flows. Diane struggles to remain conscious and puts on a brave front. The final stab is in the belly, just below the navel. More blood flows as Diane succumbs to death. Chrissy finally kisses Diane on the lips.

Back on the couch, Chrissy awakens to Diane standing over her and shaking her shoulder.
To Chrissy's surprise, Diane is wearing the same brown micro bikini as she had on in her dream. Chrissy sits up and tearfully pulls Diane down on the couch next to her. She hugs Diane and tells her she's had a really bad nightmare. Then Chrissy removes Diane's top, and stretches Diane over the arm of the couch and begins tearfully kissing/licking her belly, stroking her breast and lightly making out with Diane.
Diane is totally surprised by this, but willingly lets Chrissy take full advantage of her. She is finally realizing her dream of an intimate relationship with Chrissy.

Fetish Elements: kissing, stroking, erotic play, stabbing, blood, navel, lots and lots of stretched and sucked in abs and ribs showing.

This clip contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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Enjoy it!

Best, Solstice