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Dear friends,

A brand new video is ready!


An Amfight custom production - Directed by T.S. Solstice

Chrissy is laying on the couch in her tiny leopard print bikini awaiting her girlfriend since childhood, Diane to come by (Diane has long wanted an intimate lesbian relationship with Chrissy. But Chrissy has just wanted to remain friends). Chrissy falls into a deep sleep and begins dreaming she is an Amazon Warrior with plans to dethrone the Queen, Diane. Her dreams include 3 different ways to torture, seduce and cause a slow painful death to the Queen, Diane.

This is Dream #1:

Chrissy enters Queen Diane's room with knife in hand. They've been enemies since childhood. Diane is ready for the intrusion and picks up her own knife. Both are in their micro bikinis with black face paint, oiled down and staring each other down.

Chrissy throws down her knife and says “lets settle this once and for all with our bare hands”. Diane agrees and throws her knife down. Both remove their bikini tops at the same time.

At first, the fight is even, but then Chrissy slowly takes over and dominates Diane, punishing her unmercifully. Punches to the face and gut, hair pulling, back breakers, blood on her mouth, until a totally exhausted and defeated Diane lies pinned and stretched on her back by Chrissy.

Chrissy is turned on now and begins making out with the defenseless Diane. Just as Diane begins to get turned on too, Chrissy grabs her hair as she straddles Diane and begins face punching Diane into…unconsciousness? Death? p>Fetish Elements: Head pulled back by the hair to show off stretched torso - Hairpulling - Breast mauling and stroking - Choking - Gut punching - Punches to the face - Back breakers / arched backs Wrestling holds featuring the abs - lots and lots of stretched and sucked in abs and ribs showing.

This clip contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

1080p 50 FULL HD resolution - 15 minutes

Enjoy it!

Best, Solstice

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