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The Amazon Arena

Being fascinated by the myths and history of Amazon Warriors as long as I can think,
I finally started Amfight at the turn of the Millennium.
My goal was to make catfight movies in the true spirit of Amazons.
My first feature THE AMAZON ARENA was sold with the cooperation with erotic horror magazine DRACULINA
and became their best selling independent tape ever.
Back then, the internet was very slow and downloads simply not possible,
especially not in DVD quality, which was premium at that time.
So, to distribute my clips and as I'm a fan of old exploitation movies,
I cut trailers for my clip-collections in the style of these sexploitation flicks, in very low res for watching online.
Now, as I did new clips in 2019, I opened up my vault too as you can see already here.
I also took out the trailers, made from the digital masters and transferred them to HD quality.
This then is THE AMAZON ARENA.

This video contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

The AmFight Videos are available at:

AmFight at GumRoad

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