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Dear friends,
A brand new video is ready! A SLOW DEMISE: LENA - $8
In the second entry of the "Slow Demise" series, Lena stars as an Amazon sentry, who is surprised and held by Chrissy, so Diane can imaple her belly with a spear. They leave as Lena sinks to the ground. She is writhing on the ground, stretching her gorgeous body, arching and suffering. You can watch this slow demise in all detail...

Bonus clips: arching in super slow motion

Elements: Topless Nudity - Sweaty bodies - belly - bare feet - stabbed – topless – writhing - arching - stretching - moaning - spear


Best, Solstice

This clip contains topless nudity and roleplay fantasy violence.
Not suitable for minors under the age of 18.

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