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After a prolonged absense, Solstice has resumed his work in the realm of the Fighting Amazons in the Fantasy Confrontations depicted in AmFight. He is working with the people of Sophie's Fantasy Art and I was fortunate enough to come across his first promotion on the Dead Skirts message board. That might have passed "quietly" enough except that who did he have acting in his first new AmFight opus but Natalie! And since I have a soft spot in my head for that particular woman, I jumped all over the opportunity to add AmFight to my list of producers.

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T.S. Solstice has a library containing the body of work that he presented in the days of the "membership sites".
And it may be that access to them will make their way to this index along with whatever in the way of new offerings are produced.
The images displayed here have been "cut" from the collages that are on the GumRoad site.

Recent Additions

AmFight has a free picture site at AmFight at DevianArt
The collages that appear in the "slideshows" below are there as well as other individual still photographs ...


  1. A Slow Demise * Chrissy
  2. A Slow Demise * Diane
  3. A Slow Demise * Lena
  4. Amazon Arena
  5. Amazon Arena: Verena vs Mona
  6. Amazon Catfights
  7. Amazon Challenge
  8. Amazon Clones: Chrissy
  9. Amazon Clones: Diane
  10. Amazon Clones: Lena
  11. Amazon Clones: Natalie
  12. Amazon Deadly Knife Duel
  13. Amazon Dreams #1
  14. Amazon Dreams #2
  15. Amazon Dreams #3
  16. Amazon Duel: Meeting at Dawn
  17. Amazon Huntress, The
  18. Amazon Killer Catfight
  19. Amazon Killer Catfight 2
  20. Amazon Necklace, The
  21. Amazon Prisoner: Chrissy
  22. Amazon Prisoner: Lena
  23. Amazon Queens - Dance of Death
  24. Amazon Sacrifice
  25. Amazon Sentry Strangled
  26. Amazon Sentry Strangled 2
  27. Amazon Sentry Strangled 3
  28. Amazon Sword Fight
  29. Amazon Witch
  30. Amazon Wrath
  31. Assassins vs. Spies


  32. Barbarian Queen
  33. Battle of Hate
  34. Battle of the Cavewomen


  35. Captured To Fight
  36. Chained Heat
  37. Clone Hunter Jenny


  38. Dangerous Game
  39. Deadly Passion
  40. Deadly Rapiers
    The Demise of Amazon Eve
  41. 1: Sword in the Belly


  42. Fight for the Amazon Queen


  43. Joanne Jones - Map of the Amazons
  44. Joanne Jones Captured by Amazons
  45. Just For Fun


  46. Naughty Knives


  47. The Prisoner


  48. Queen of the Amazons


  49. Rapier Fight
  50. Revenge For My Sister


  51. Seductive Enemies
  52. Sentry Killing in the Rain
  53. Seppuku
  54. Sexy Spies * Clones Hunting
  55. Spear Fight 1 & 2


  56. Titanium - Quest of a Queen
  57. Titanium - Sentry Kill
  58. Trailers & Outtakes


  59. The Water of Madness
  60. The Water of Madness 2
  61. Western Shootouts

The AmFight Videos are available at:
AmFight at GumRoad
Niche Clips

Sophie's Fantasy Art Index at Buck's Blog

More videos coming soon!

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