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This is my new site that comes to you though the courtesy and generosity of Diogenes.
And his art work may be viewed at Deadly Relations.
(You will need his permission to access the site and I shall post his email when it becomes available.)
Dio was good enough to contact me after my recent problems with "PUPs" blocking my other site for users of Avast security.
You may have taken note (or at least I wish you would) that thanks to Dio, I now have my own "domain".
Everthing that is on the earlier "100freemb" edition of my site has been posted here at my new "home".
I encourage eveyone interested to "bookmark" this site or take note one way or another ...
The "100freemb" address will no longer be maintained and will "vanish" before too long.


Olaf has just released another episode of a Leikh-Shaar attack upon an Amazon compound.
I believe he mentions something about "another senseless bloodbath" ...
But this bloodbath is no more senseless than any other as it seems to be a substitution for the "Tribal Warfare" series.
NYMERIA, AVERIA, SHEMINA, THYARMIS participate in this battle and the masks are particularly useful for they lend credence
to the notion that there are eight players in this video when in fact ... Well ... You get the idea!
Click on Olaf's Messages to view the poster and read his synopsis.


Saramis dons a hat and vest as she sets out in her solo performance in Lethal Cowgirls "Ambushed and Killed".
She must have been one hard woman to bring down because with all those arrows protruding from her body,
I couldn't help but be reminded of my grandmother's pin cushion!
Click on Olaf's Messages for his latest poster as well as access to the Amazon_Warriors site.


Olaf was indulging in a bit of "gun fun" with Thyarmis and after conspiring with his video editor,
they put their heads together and came up with the "Centurion Test Report" which has been released in the Modern Amazons section.
Access Olaf's Messages for his explanation and further information.


all play a part in this latest release in the series of "FALLEN AMAZONS" photosets.
As for my own preference I enjoy the process of the girls "getting dead" as "playing dead" is the "aftermath" rather than the featured "action".
But Hey! The women all look great and it must be that Olaf's customers like them laying rather than jumping around
because this is the twelfth collection he has made available.
And since Olaf posted this on a Saturday, it makes me wonder what he's doing puttering with his computer
when he's usually off chasing around after the (Amazon) women!
Now once you download the folder, I want you all to pay particular attention fo the first jpg which is "gemetzel_collage".
Because as he was lining up that shot, I can almost hear Olaf muttering,
"If anyone doesn't think that the dead get up ... They should see this place at quitting time!"
Click on "Olaf's Messages" below and ogle his poster ...
And while you're at it you may just as well read his description of "FALLEN AMAZONS 12".


This new movie features our great "RUSALKA", supported by Talanis, Thyarmis and Saphyra in


Princess TALANIS and 2 of her loyal bodyguards were taken prisoners and are sentenced to death.
RUSALKA is going to celebrate the execution as her personal revenge...

See Olaf's poster below at Olaf's Messages


This is the third and final installment of "Heartless Amazons" and itīs the bloodiest of the three!
16 minutes full of death & blood... I hope you enjoy!

The participants are: TALANIS, THYARMIS, AVERIA, SAFO, and ANTARIS
And it certainly will be through no lack of effort on his part if this video doesn't do well ...
Because there are no fewer than seventy-two (72!) promotional still frames available at the Amazon-Warriors site.
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster and plot synopsis.


Olaf found that many of his clients asked for an alternative version of the "Scalphunters on the ghostplanet"
as they didnīt like the laser guns and trashy space-background.
So here it is: "WRATH OF THE REDSKINS"!

Now be advised that this is the traditional version of the "SCALP HUNTERS ON THE GHOST PLANET"!
Itīs basicially the same movie! But this version does NOT show any laser guns, but tradtitional gun sounds and blood bursts.
Itīs available for just 100 credits, so anyone who hesitated to buy it due to the price - todayīs your lucky day!
Refer to Olaf's Messages for his poster to serve as a refresher


"Sandra's Sacrifice" makes its entry at the top of the list in the "Slashers' Gallery".
If I remember correctly, these are CnB vidcaps of a video from KillHer Productions.


Olaf released Pluto's "Great Amazon Battle" a day or two ago and I, for one, have been so busy viewing it that this, my latest effort at propaganda is a tad late in coming.
Pluto must have spent a good many "happy hours" putting this extravaganza of Amazon Animation together
and I am pleased to see that he came to an amicable agreement with Olaf so that his efforts have both a good and appropriate outlet.
The arrows fly and swords clash amid the desperate screams provided by the soundtrack.
Now then the question arises, "Will there be a sequel?" (My! But we are gluttons, aren't we?)
I would suspect that further efforts along similar lines might well depend on how often this video is downloaded.
That being said, I noticed that one of Pluto's weapons of choice, the spear makes no appearance in this episode
which to my mind leaves the door ajar for "Part 2".
Of course in viewing "Part 1" one can't help but wonder, "Is there anyone left for another battle?"
But it's wonderful how these "poser"(?) figures can "regenerate"! And they don't even have to hit the showers between takes!
Click on Olaf's Messages to see his poster and for an appreciative run-down on Pluto's video.

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