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This is my new site that comes to you though the courtesy and generosity of Diogenes.
And his art work may be viewed at Deadly Relations.
(You will need his permission to access the site and I shall post his email when it becomes available.)
Dio was good enough to contact me after my recent problems with "PUPs" blocking my other site for users of Avast security.
You may have taken note (or at least I wish you would) that thanks to Dio, I now have my own "domain".
Everthing that is on the earlier "100freemb" edition of my site has been posted here at my new "home".
I encourage eveyone interested to "bookmark" this site or take note one way or another ...
The "100freemb" address will no longer be maintained and will "vanish" before too long.

11/21/2017 06:45 PM

Olaf wants us all to know that Jenesta, one of his strikingly beautiful girls is back from retirement!
She appeared in 2015, but after only one shooting she retreated from the battlefield ...
But now she has returned and is more beautiful than ever ...
She´s back and ready to fight again!
Olaf's team produced their first movies with her last weekend,
so you can look forward to see her dying in bikini by belly-stabs
and fighting heroically against a squad of LEIKH-SHAAR...!
But please be patient because these movies have not yet been released!
Jenesta is also interested in custom shoots, so let Olaf know your fantasies!
(But no topless, sorry guys!)
Now click on Olaf's Messages to ogle a few shots of Jenesta!

11/15/2017 09:00 AM

At times I get rather tired of tripping over my own feet. Perhaps others do too, I wouldn't know.
What I do know is that there are there among us would-be Amazon Lovers those who are great admirers of a woman's feet.
Now to we more (ahem) "normal" types, feet and legs are but a means of getting from one place to another
when there is no more convenient means of transportation at hand.

However, Olaf must have been the recipient of numerous requests for an exposition of "Feet" in all their glory ...
And in response to those requests he has drawn upon his "FALLEN AMAZONS" series to put this barefoot photoset collection together.
And it contains over 240 pics in full HD (2000x1333 pixel) with roughly half being new material especially made for foot lovers.

And now you may click upon Olaf's Messages for the poster and, what is more important, access to the Amazon_Warriors site.

11/14/2017 08:30 AM

Olaf has released "Acquaintance With A Whip" in the Modern Amazons section of his Amazon_Warriors site.
SARAMIS, SHEMINA, ANTARIS, RUSSLANA, and MORGANE make up the cast in this episode in which
SARAMIS is in the role of a key witness who refuses to talk ...
The police take her to the interrogation area designed for those who choose to be difficult.
Where, using techniques that have worked for centuries, Saramis agrees to sing like a bird.
But that leads both her and her captors into even more serious trouble ...
Click on Olaf's Messages to view the poster and to gain access to Olaf's site.

11/09/2017 04:35 PM

Olaf and Titaneia Custom Productions has released Part 3 in his "New Queen" belly-punching series in which Russlana is granted the opportunity to give Talanis a good going over.
I more than half suspect that Olaf's brother volunteered for the job but Talanis must have turned thumbs down on that in preference to Russlana.
I guess that the beating wasn't all that bad because the episode is one of the few that are non-fatal.
Click on "Olaf's Messages" for the poster.

11/07/2017 04:00 PM

Olaf turns Averia and Cladi loose upon one another in another Amazons vs. Barbarians battle which is entitled "Stranger in a Strange Land".
AVERIA is an intruder in barbarian territory, and she´s been spotted by Cladi who faces her in an open attack.
But her spear misses Averia and a fierce hand to hand battle ensues.
Eventually Averia gets the upper hand, but it turns out Cladi was not alone in the forest ...
Click Olaf's Messages for his poster

11/04/2017 01:15 PM

"Turnabout Is Fair Play" makes its entrance in the Black Nylons Gallery. You'll have to go fishing for it due to the way the Gallery is set up,
but it's there - I just finished proof reading it and correcting most of my typos.
It's based on Tom Gunn's "Shower Kill" and I've managed to complicate matters somewhat - but not all that much.
See how it strikes you ...

10/31/2017 10:00 AM

Olaf has posted "Slave Traders" on this Day of Halloween. The players are ANTARIS, SHEMINA, RUSSLANA, and SARAMIS.
Saramis and Shemina are traders on the slave market.
The day at the market is over and they still have that one slave left that went unsold ...
Keeping slaves gets expensive and theirs was a cost conscious era - much as every era has been I guess ...
Russlana was marketable (and I would have taken her in a minute, if I could figure out how to control her!)
Antaris is a household slave who, when the dealers put their heads together, think it best to have the slaves fight for freedom.
There is a bit of "Winner Takes All" in this episode in more ways than one.
Someone has composed a dandy bit of dialog that the slave traders speak before the battle begins.
Olaf's productions have advanced visually about as far as can be.
His next enhancement might be "voice overs" for his English speaking market. Tis but a thought.
Click on Olaf's Messages for the poster.

10/27/2017 10:45 AM

Olaf has posted a Halloween Special ... No video, guys ... But worth a look in any case ... Click on Olaf's Messages

10/25/2017 8:15 AM

The Black Nylons Preview Page (formerly Coming-Attractions) has a preview of Identity Theft which includes a trailer from Tom Gunn.
Click on the Black Nylons Gallery in the Bill of Fare below.

10/24/2017 8:30 AM

Olaf's Modern Amazons have Sarah Croft searching for the temple of the amazons.
She knows she´s on the right track when she gets attacked by half naked warriors.
She kills them off successfully - but there are still more of them inside the temple.
The players are Saramis, Averia, and Talanis.
I can't give any 'inside information' on this because I have been having trouble purchasing credits this morning.
I don't know whether the problem is me, the credit card, or the site. Will try again later.
In the meantime, click on Olaf's Messages for his poster.

10/22/2017 11:30 AM

Tom Gun of Black Nylons Films has sent me so much material lately that I've decided to devote a Black Nylons Gallery to him and his team.
My "Galleries" thus far have merely been a way to break up what threatened to become an overly large index page ...
I did it mostly so I had half a chance of finding things should I want them again for some reason.
The Black Nylons Gallery will be somewhat different in that I hope to help promote Tom Gun's material as I do Olaf Winter's Amazon_Warriors site.
So, using the photos and what not that Mr Gunn has sent, I will try my hand at some rather blatant promotion ...
How's that? Is that calling a spade a spade or what?
Mr Gunn has composed two authorative articles on the Facts of Life as they pertain to a producer in this genre
and they have been included verbatim in the first links on the page.
They make interesting as well as informative reading.
This page will "grow" hopefully as does Olaf's messages - so there isn't a great deal there as yet.
Click on Black Nylons Gallery in the Bill of Fare to see what we have in mind.
(And always remember, "A Twisted Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!"

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