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This is my new site that comes to you though the courtesy and generosity of Diogenes.
And his art work may be viewed at Deadly Relations.
(You will need his permission to access the site and I shall post his email when it becomes available.)
Dio was good enough to contact me after my recent problems with "PUPs" blocking my other site for users of Avast security.
You may have taken note (or at least I wish you would) that thanks to Dio, I now have my own "domain".
Everthing that is on the earlier "100freemb" edition of my site has been posted here at my new "home".
I encourage eveyone interested to "bookmark" this site or take note one way or another ...
The "100freemb" address will no longer be maintained and will "vanish" before too long.


Olaf's "Gun Fun Shootout 4"

Olaf turned Saphyra and Averia loose to do their own thing in this gun fun video.
Back in the day of the "Super 8 Club" we darn-near got ourselves expelled when we guys
turned the coeds loose during one of our filmed escapades.
They say that "Boys Will Be Boys" but let me tell you, the Girls can be Something Else!
Click on "Olaf's Messages" to read his description 07/16/2017

Here's one of Olaf's messages that I missed earlier on. It was released on the 14th. Sorry ... Here it is now.
Here´s another one for the lovers of intimate hand-to-hand-struggle:
Click on Olaf's Message for his poster


Olaf's loyal patron, Commando commissioned Saphyra to "Kill Bill".
She oils herself up and does a pretty fair job of seduction
but it would seem that Bill was neither completely overcome nor even particularly impressed.
Alas for Saphyra. But did you really think that it would turn out any other way?
I have one comment that on second thought I think it best to keep to myself.
But if any of you are old enough, it was directed at drdon back when his site was in operation.
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster.


Russlana is called to the queen´s leading tax collector.
She has to explain why her village hasn´t paid the tribute to the realm.
She begs for mercy, as her village is too poor to pay, but Talanis stands firm.
She tells Russlana that her village is of no use for the queen if they can´t pay...
This is a copy the text to Olaf's promo. But want the poster. Right? Click on Olaf's Messages


ZAHRAY is her queen's favourite gladiatrix, but she is tired of killing all the brave warriors just for the queen´s entertainment...
ZAHRAY is joined in this fourth episode of the Gladiatrix Arena by TALANIS, ZENOBIA, and AVERIA
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster


I believe that it was during the reign of King Saul that David met Goliath. The outcome of that confrontation made biblical history;
The two adversaries met on a field of battle and the outcome of the match was to decide which side was to claim victory.
What prompted the match was the desire to save lives on both sides.
It would seem that Talanis and Russlana in the "Clash of Legends" have the same motive in mind.
There's only one problem. As it turns out no one can claim a victory and so their contest settles nothing between the rival Amazon armies.
Click on Olaf's Messages to see his poster and for access to the Amazon_Warriors site.


It seems to me that it has been quite some time since I wrote a small tale based on one of Olaf Winter's Amazon videos.
So using pictures from Olaf's "Blood-Soaked Prairie" I sort of turned the plot around the way I'm inclined to do
so that we end up with much the same thing - only different.
In Olaf's version he had the Amazons in the role of the horse thieves while I went and ...
Well click on the Amazon Warriors section and see for yourselves.


Olaf has just released a "double-header" ... A new photoset of stills from videos that are as yet to be released and, as if that were not enough -
A Gun-Fun video of Modern Amazons starring Averia and Antaris going at one another in "Happy Trigger".
Did he mean Trigger-Happy perhaps? It doesn't matter as the effects and outcome will be the same and is sure to be of our liking.
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster.


Olaf Winter and his team of Modern Amazons have released a video
with SAFO in the role of "Laura Craft" seeking adventure in "The Temple of Death",
which is a mysterious ruin guarded by Amazons played by LEANDRA, and RUSSLANA.
Click Olaf's Messages for his poster and access to the Amazon_Warriors site.


Olaf and the Modern Amazons have released "The Society of the Rose"
in which a group of special forces is going to approach an ancient building which is supposed to be used as a secret lair for rebels.
Indeed they are watched by a sniper who kills most of them from a hidden place.
But the rebels are not the problem ... This time the enemy comes from inside!
Now tell me, does this mean mutiny within their ranks? You'll have to decide for yourself!
The cast consists of Saphyra, Thyarmis, Semira, Averia, Talanis, Saramis, and Raven
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster.

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