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May 26

Olaf's Amazons take a break from the role playing to indulge in what easily could have turned into a real
hair-pulling contest had Olaf not been on hand to see that noone was bruised - at least not too badly.
Four feral females were involved in this fray: Talanis, Russlana, Shemina, and Safo.
So step right up gentlemen! And place your bets!

"Amazon Catfight Arena Warmup Session"

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May 25

In 2013 "Archer Duel 3" was released and once again Mia Mane reprised her role as an Amazon Warrior struck down by an arrow. Mia had a partner standing her ground next to her but her performance goes uncredited in the video promotion. If I were to guess that it is Leandra I could well be wrong again as I was with the Amazon being stabbed with a sword on another site and page.

"Archer Duel 3"

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May 24, 2020

New Video: Fallen Amazon Warriors - The Last Battle
The following text was copied from Mayra's site and the sample trailer is posted to Youtube:

The battle is over. On the battlefield are the bodies of vanquished warriors fallen to the ground, some lying lifeless, others dying.
This video is the compilation of the end of the battles of some past chapters of the Amazons series of Sexy Latin Amazons, edited in a single video.
In this set come 2 Photo stories with 176 Pictures in Full HD

Sexy Latin Amazons @ Buck's Blog

May 21, 2020

"Queen of the Amazons"

This a "rerelease" rather than a "reprise" although it amounts to much the same thing.
Joanne gives us a "Dying Amazon" performance such as I always enjoy seeing ...
And you will too if you don't already have a copy of this video then you ought to ...
And here's your chance ...

"Queen of the Amazons"

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May 16, 2020

Nikki welcomes Laura, a new model, in fine style. Talk about a possessive personality! Wow!
Not only may you not step out of line ... But you may not even pretend! Not Even On the Phone!

Not Even On the Phone

White Wolf Publications

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May 16, 2020

Sophie has added no less than five new videos to her site.
The first three are in the GFG-Members area:

"Two Tied Up"

"Soldiers Spies Bullets 55"

"Using Drugs"

And two new titles have been added to the GSG-Members area as well:

"Want My Money Back"

"You Won't Laugh"

Sophie's Full Inventory

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Black Nylons Films May 10, 2020

This message started out to be an email to Tommy Gun with a comment or two pertaining to his latest video.
But since email doesn't handle html code any better than do most message boards,
I have no choice other than to "go public" with this.

Proceed if you will, but don't say that you weren't warned.


Additional pictures and the clip are available at:


GumRoad MarketPlace

Or you can save money and order directly at

Black Nylons Films at Buck's Blog

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