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This is my new site that comes to you though the courtesy and generosity of Diogenes.
And his art work may be viewed at Deadly Relations.
(You will need his permission to access the site and I shall post his email when it becomes available.)
Dio was good enough to contact me after my recent problems with "PUPs" blocking my other site for users of Avast security.
You may have taken note (or at least I wish you would) that thanks to Dio, I now have my own "domain".
Everthing that is on the earlier "100freemb" edition of my site has been posted here at my new "home".
I encourage eveyone interested to "bookmark" this site or take note one way or another ...
The "100freemb" address will no longer be maintained and will "vanish" before too long.

Starring Averia, Saphyra, Talanis, Cladi, Shemina, Estiana, and Saramis in the role of the fortune hunter,
the search is on for an ancient artifact called the "Spheroxon".
Don't ask me what it is because I don't know and that's the least of their problems.
Down through the ages it has been guarded by a tribe of savage women.
Sought by many who have paid with their lives, this time Saramis is the adventurer who is to make the attempt.
Will she be successful?
Only those who have watched the video know the answer.
Check Olaf's Messages for the latest on "Hunt For the Spheroxon".

The source for this episode is the Catharsis video Sacrificing Ingrid.
But of course, yours truly had to put his own 'spin' on what could otherwise have been billed as a 'simple sacrifice'.
So click on Thrill Killer's Gallery to see Ms Ingrid as she does her thing in 'Act Naturally'

Olaf has released "The Death Cult of Tundala" and I wouldn't be at all surprised if this were the beginning of a new series of episodes.
Semira, Saphyra, and Raven star in this tale of magic and blood sacrifice.
Saphyra plays the willing victim, and I can't help but wonder if one day the priestess involved should come upon one who was not quite as docile.
If that were the case I wonder what kind of action we would see?
Raven is cast as the victim's savior and how successful she is I will leave to you to find out.
Semira works her magic in the role of the priestess. And the undulations that she performs throughout the ceremony are well worth watching all by themselves.
Olaf has cast her in a what he says is a "rare topless" appearance.
And if she has done any others, I ask that he enumerate them as I seem to have missed them in my Amazon collection.
However, Semira's 'secret' would have been safe were it not for the publicity because she wears both a wig and mask throughout the entire episode.
Check Olaf's Messages for his promotion of this video.

Olaf Winter's Titaneia site for custom productions has released "No Match for Bullets" starring Nemesis and Thyarmis
in what Olaf has said that the females are well riddled both before and after they go down.
See his poster at "Olaf's Messages" for his synopsis.

Olaf has released a new movie: "HADES - THE SOULTAKER" leads you back into ancient greek mythology:
And if memory serves me correctly, the Greeks were about the first "Western Civilization" to have contact with the Amazons,
and it is thanks to their lore and legends they developed that we have representative "Amazons" with us in our own day and age.

Saphyra is struggling for her life, bleeding to death due to a heavy fleshwound in her bare belly, and her sisters (Antaris & Raven)
try everything to get her back to life. Raven is a priestess and has the power to bring back the dead!
But Hades is not willing to let her go ... and I think that in this case the Devil gets the better part of this deal ...
But then, doesn't he always? Click on Olaf's Messages for the poster for this video.

About the time when Delphine was getting ready to depart from Catharsis, Ingrid came aboard to fill the breach and Thrill Killer promptly fell in lust.
He favors the long, slender, willowy looking female. I do myself, don't get me wrong.
It's just that I'm somewhat more realistic in that I fully realize how difficult it is for most of them (us) to stay that way.
Thrill Killer was good enough to capture the images from a video featuring Ingrid and Debby - whose name I wasn't sure of until I saw something given (yes, given) to us by Joe S.
I corrupted the scenario a bit in order to make the story-line a followup to "Amazon Asylum". It's "Mutual Murder" and you'll gain access to it at Thrill Killers Gallery.

Here it is only a day or two later and already Olaf is coming at us with "The Tournament 2017"; his latest video release.
There are no fewer than ten Amazons in this video:
Raven, Averia, Saphyra, Marpesia, Estiana, Saramis, Talanis, Shemina, Lurika, and Semira.
Olaf encountered some technical difficulty with his camera, as he says in his poster.
With about every active warrior on his roster present and accounted for, I'll wager that it had him swearing a Blue Streak.
But he cooled off when he composed his poster and his sense of integrity made him "fess up" to visual focus problems that I expect few of us will see.
I didn't and I was expecting them. So folks, what with the deep discount that Olaf is offering, you are about to get a real bargain.
With the number of individuals involved there was no need to "buy time" by having her agonize over-long over her wounds.
And heck! Any one of Olaf's wounds is always enough to kill about anyone in no time at all!
So click on Olaf's Messages to see his poster and purchase the video.

Averia and Cladi bare their breasts to take a shaft - several of them in fact - in this latest photoset from Olaf and the Amazon Warrior Team.
It seems that the warriors are armed with swords and shields but a group of archers - unseen but hardly neccessary - have no intention of letting then get close enough to do any damage. A must for fans of arrows and still photography ... And don't we all capture our favorite "stills" from Olaf's videos?
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster.

Olaf has posted another custom movie, once again in the universe of the AMAZON-WARRIORS:
THE EVIL PRIEST is back! Averia, Talanis, and Semira are the players in this episode.
The brave AVERIA has been slaughtered by SEMIRA and her apprentice TALANIS in "Vengeance" last month and Averia´s sister moves in to avenge her death.
Alas! She doesn't appear to get far in her quest for revenge!

Semira has been cast in the role of an evil-doer a number of times.
One day Olaf is due to return from his butcher's shop with a goodly string of linked bratwurst sausages.
Those coupled and mingled with that bucket of stage blood that he keeps handy in the broom closet,
and Semira is going to be worked over and upon much as was the girl in the "original" (South American?) Snuff movie of some years back.
It's an old "gag" from way back that's sure to put some of us in danger of losing our lunch.
But it's one stunt he hasn't done as yet. (Saphyra? Where are you, Honey? This may call for a bit of practice, don't you know!)

"Adult Western" makes its entrance atop the list in the "Amazons!_Gallery". The pictures in this episode are photo manipulations
done by Consensually Yours who posted his work at CnB back before the site was dedicated to video clips. Real Life caught up with this fellow
all too soon as his contributions were exceptional, but far too few. I expect that I have made use of most of them at one time or another. So have at it!.

Olaf has posted a custom with a rather different perspective ... "Dead Agent's Feet" focuses on that aspect of the
model's extremities from which the name of the video is derived.
Agent NEMESIS is the bodyguard of a sleazy UN ambassador who dealt with the most nasty-minded pack of a crime riddled nation.
They are waiting to meet their contact person, but a female killer is approaching instead...
Producer: TITANEIA Customs
See Olaf's poster under "Olaf's Messages"

Olaf has posted "Headhunters" and this video is slated to take its place among his Amazon Warriors Classics!
The Cast:
Saphyra, Saramis, Estinia, Averia, Talanis, Raven, Semira, Lurika, Shemina, and Marpesia.
With the number of players, there was no need for anyone to perform a dual role.
Breasts and Blood abound with fine performances turned in by each woman.
Of particular note is the job done by Saramis as Semira launches a pair of arrows into her from behind.
For you who enjoy navels, Semira, who is the sole survivor, has the opportunity to push a short stake into the navel of one of her victims.
Last but hardly least, Saphyra loses her head,
and credit goes to the fellow in post production who undoubtedly spent a few Happy Hours reworking her headless body
which provides us with the closing scene to this video.
For those of us who enjoy young women in the role of ancient Amazons it is not to be missed.
See Olaf's Messages for his poster of "Headhunters".

Olaf has posted two new videos in the Modern Amazons section of his site. You'll have to look for their links because they aren't at the top of the list.
Both Shemina and Talanis take their individual turns at being secret agents - and I guess by now we all know what is lilely to happen to them.
Shemina is "On Her Own", and from one of the responses I've seen, I guess that this video was shot some time ago as I believe I saw a pre-release promo a while back.
It's been posted now so have at it!
Talanis is the recipient of an Atta-Girl Award in "Deadly Promotion".
I don't know how effective her spy-work may have been, but she certainly deserved it for the performace she put in!
Click on Olaf's Messages for his posters promoting his latest videos.

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