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Guys, We didn't quite know where these videos belonged so we put them here where you will witness Belly Punching, Neck Snaps, Axe Murders, and other pleasantries!

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Mixed Mayhem

Up to Date as of December 30,2019 ~ 309 Videos ~

Sophie's Sequence Screen 1

I Will Clear It
Happy Holidays Darlings
Jammed Gun
Slasher Movie
The Casino Project
Bitter Break Up
Halloween Horror Castle
Halloween Smoking Surprise
Smoking Break 38
Pitchfork In Two
Smoking Break 37
Sophie's Clones
Vacation Lover Double Death
Smoking Break 36
Operation Wet Tigress
Knife and Gunfight with Britney 1
Smoking Revenge
Bloody Date
Museum Robbers

Modern Amazon
The Counterfeiters
Gaby Must Die
Dirty Thoughts
Arrow Stuck
The Fencer
Unpleasant Surprise 2
Merry Bloody Xmas
The New Years Eve
Lovers Deadly Cups

Sophie's Sequence Screen 2

Smoking Break 29
Payday Soon
No Agreement
Smoking Break 28
Smoking Break 27
Tore Up Your Tits
Smoking Break 26
A Cheating Story 2
Smoking Break 25
The Snitch
Spilling Over
Pray For Your Life
Smoking Break 24
Into My Belly
Smoking Break 23
Big Payday
Visitor in the Prison
Smoking Break 22
Smoking Break 21
The Done Deal
Lovers Behind the Bar
Smoking Break 19
Get Away
Smoking Break 18
Sword and Gunfight Scenes Part 2
Sword and Gunfight Scenes Part 1
The Safe House
The Last Job Together

Sophie's Sequence Screen 3

Britney Betrayed
Halloween Cowgirls
The Domina is Caught
Show Me Yourself
One Stab and Choking
Long Torture
Bomb Producers
Gunned Girls Drama
Drinks, Scissors, Gun
Weapon Thieves
Massage Interrupted
Barbarian Queen
Fork in Gaby's Belly
My Guts My Breast
Africans Arrows
Old Factory Horror 2
Date with Blade and Bullets
Bow and Pistol
Beat Me in the Belly 2
Helena Executed
Old Factory Horror 1
Stomach Stabbed, Heart Shot
Bloody Crotch Shots
Mortal Posing
After Bellyshot
Iron Bar
Shoot and Stab in the Ring
Screwdriver and Machine Gun
Murdered Before Her Date
No Winners

Sophie's Sequence Screen 4

Castle Guards
First Knives then Gun
Arrows, Blades, Bellydancers
Quick Arrows and Bullets
Knives in Two Bellies
Attackers' Fight
Fitness Belly Hits
Bayonetted Arrow Girls
Arrows and Many Bullets
The Decoy Cop
The Last Shots
You Killed Crista
Rescue Unsuccessful
Speared, Shot for Money
Cheated Girls Massacre
Battling Beauties
Nicoletta Poisoned
Belly Garrotting of Julie
No Escape for the Robbers
Blood Everwhere 2
Nicole's Belly
Blood Everwhere 1
Bayonet, Big Sword, Bullet
Agony in the Kitchen
Crista the Amazon Hero 1
Box Blade Poison
Huntress 5
Huntress 4
Huntress 3
Strangling and Stabbings

Sophie's Sequence Screen 5

Pointed Weapon Orgy
Movie Critic
Who Gets the Pistol
We Kill the Mistress
One Must Lose
Cruelty in the Prison
Box Blade Gun
Blade and Arrow
Blades and Gun
Nude Belly Garotte
Arrows, Bullet, Cigarettes
Fitness Belly Garotte
Knifed of a Ghost
Captured, Beaten, Shot
Knife and Gun Struggle
Ripper Gabrielle 3
Ripper Gabrielle 1
Spear Fighter Arrowed
Bullet After Knife Duel
Beaten and Shot
We Fight
Bellystabs for the Gun
Stake and Bullets
Struggle for a Gun
Fight for the Gun
Hit Lady
Blade Surprise
Screwdriver and Bullets

Sophie's Sequence Screen 6

Damned Museum
Who Gets the Gun
Laugh and Blood in the Classroom 3
Halloween Party 2
Halloween Party 1
For Adrienne 2
Hatchet in Cowgirl
Wine of Vengeance
Blood in the Restaurant
Deceived and Drunk 2
Stomach Muscles
Kidnapping Story
A Strange New Years Eve
Killed in the Backyard
For Adrienne 3
Knife Wielding and Silencer
Queen Killers
Machinegunned Captives
Two Assassins Four Victims 3
Horror School 2
Quick Stabs in the Mistress
Spear and Arrow through the Belly
Arrows and Trident
Spygirl Bellycut
Crazy Night
Surprised in Bikinis
Sultan's Lover
Knifed and Shot
Please Finish Me
The Gun Will Be Mine 1

Sophie's Sequence Screen 7

Surprised Ripper
Wrong Document
I Love Edina
Bloody Money
Funny Bunny 1
Arrow and Spear
Small Knives for a Pistol
Pistols and Arrows
Gutted For Assault
Carnival Time Prologue
Three Jealous Lovers
Cheated Lover
Ladies Conspiracy
Stabbed Mistress
Only in the Navel
Catfight, Knives, and Pistols
Street Walkers on the Beat 2
Street Walkers on the Beat 1
Carnival Time 4
Bullet and Blades in Judit's Belly
Double Bellyripping
City Bandits 2
City Bandits Prolog
English Theater 12
Failed Arrest
Hookers Fight
Rapiers and Arrows in the Woods
Funny Afternoon
Arrow Punishment

Sophie's Sequence Screen 8

Halloween Vampire Story 2
Halloween Vampire Story 1
Daggers and Arrows
Punished Ripper 2
Murder By Pleasure
Monica Stabbed by Her Pupils
Sunbath Bloodbath
Summer 2009 1
Caroline Amazon Huntress 4
Fitness Execution
Cowgirl Arrowed
Struggle on the Mat
Murderous Guards 1
Caroline Amazon Huntress 3
Late Night Show New Year 3
Blonde Belly Play
Annica Defeats Two Amazons
Casting Events 3
Casting Events 2
Naked and Gutted
Important Data
After Lost Battle
Bow and Dagger
Computer Thieves
New Sacrifice for the Amazon Goddess
Happy Easter
Carnival 13
Arrows and Bullets 1
Blade Against Bullets
Deluded Lovers Revenge

Sophie's Sequence Screen 9

Car Wash
Double Revenge
Amazon Summer 7
Execution in the Woods
Robbery with Violence
The Winner Gets the Arrow
Bunny Hunt 1
Amazon Hunt
Amazon Summer 5
Amazon Summer 4
Amazon Summer 3
Amazon Summer 2
Sexy Detective 1
The Fortune Teller 1
Amazon School 3
Amazon School 2
Holiday Mix 4
Holiday Mix 2
Axe, Spear, and Gun
Assault in the Palace
Three Brutal Fighters 1
Amazon School 1
Two Blonde Fighters 2
Two Blonde Fighters 1
Run Through Shot Through I
The Magic Sword
Fight For Crista
Swords, Knives, Arrows in the Arena
Horror in the Striptease Club
Arrows in the Belly

Sophie's Sequence Screen 10

Dancing Tavern
Crista the Knife the Gun
Sword in the Strangler
Knife Throw and Choking
Arrowed Strangler
Bullet in the Strangler's Head
Murderous Burglar
Where is Crista
Thief Killer
Poison and Bullet
Lucky Day 2
Pill and Bullet
Lucky Day
Pitchfork 2
Striptease 3
Murder on the Training
Sensual End
Liar Guard
Julie in Action
Caught For Poisoning
Homicide 2
Homicide 1
Seductive Prisoner
Your Fault
Bad Acting
Drunk and Jealous
Pitchfork 1
Navel Shot and Stranglings

Sophie's Sequence Screen 11

Wrong Decision
Cintia the Hitwoman
The Stalker
Pillow for Cheater
Jealous Attacker
Failed Revenge
Dream in a Dream
Annica the Torturer
Surprise at Home
Incident in Summer

More coming soon!




Sophie's Fantasy Art