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Immolation Island

Written by Uncle Buck

The Cast In Order of Appearance

Elaine Collins
Angus Macfadyen
Camella Donner
Robert Newton
Tierra Watson
Lacey Wildd
The Blonde Squad: Paula Thebert, Summer Cummings, & Elizabeth Starr
Good Time Girls
Stacy Adams
Maria Jose Cristerna (Vampire Woman)
Sue Nero
Soleil Hughes
Shyla Stylez

And my sincere apologies to those who made an uncredited appearance

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The uncharted land mass that constituted that came to be known amongst sea-faring men as Immolation Island came into existence long before it was first discovered in the year 1737. More than likely it would not have been discovered even then had not the Neptune been blown off course by a typhoon that overtook the ship and her crew in the South Seas.

Having successfully ridden out the storm, land was sighted and the captain gave the order to put in to make necessary repairs to his ship.

The island was small and sparsely populated and the native islanders tended to be shy but at the same time curious to learn of this great ship and its crew.
For their part, the crew grew weary of the mending sails and rigging
and so to relax they made free with the island women whenever an oportunity presented itself.
This was fine with the captain as long as a man settled his account with the woman who had granted him her favors.
As they were preparing to depart, it was the first mate who chose to settle his score with the woman of his choice by thrusting his sword through her belly ..

The Neptune made sail soon after that episode and what was surprizing, there was little if any in the way of protest from the islanders.
As a matter of fact, one of their women had stowed away aboard the ship.
This may have been all right had the crew been willing to share and share alike.
Unfortunately, such was not the case and so many fights broke out amongst the crew that the captain was forced to take matters into his own hands ...

And so it was that the captain seized his musket and fired a well-directed ball into the woman's chest ...
Thereby settling matters for once and for all.

Now were this a proper seafaring tale, it would go on to say that there came a time when the Neptune, captain, crew and all
got their comeuppance for the misdeeds in which they had all played an active role.
But neither the captain nor his crew went down with the ship nor with any other insofar as in known. The captain lived to be ninety-six and died in his sleep.
His ship outlived him by at least one hundred fifty years. True, the Neptune did spend a few years working in the slave trade, but when it became too old and rotten for that tour of duty it spent its last years hauling trash away from one of the islands that had become a summer haven for well-to-do tourists.
Whether the ship eventually sank of its own accord or was scuttled by its crew is a point that has been lost to history.

But enough of the dry facts of the case ...
What always outlives and outshines any factual account is the Myth and Legend that invariably develops surrounding almost any noteworthy occurance.
For one thing, was there ever a ship that sailed the Seven Seas that did not have tales of Pirates and of a Secret Hidden Treasure attached to it
as told by old seafaring men when comfortably seated and a noggin or two of grog was at hand?

Now the myth surrounding the Neptune was rather special in that it held appeal to those who have somewhat more - shall we say? Prurient interests?
For this particular sailing vessel was famous for having discovered an uncharted island ...
An island on which some of the female inhabitants were given to surrendering themselves to having a spear driven through their chests ...

Where the simply constructed but effective altars were seldom empty ...

Where the victim's nipples were carefully plucked just before the sacrificial blade was driven home ...

The muffled crunch sound of the knife as it split a woman's breast-bone ...
And the gurgling sighs she made as she expired ...
This then is how a small land mass came to be infamously known as Immolation Island.

It was the adventuress Lacey Duvalle who put together a team to see once and for all
if there were any truth behind the fables that she had heard told of Immolation Island ...

The trio called themselves "The Blonde Squad" and they were all perfectly willing to take lives as they found them ...
Or perhaps to haul away whatever they could unearth in the way of a "pirate's treasure" - the existence of which all three were more than a little skeptical.

Seeking the element of surprize, the Blonde Squad approached the island by air, at which point they dropped in unannounced by way of parachutes.

Once the women had managed to untangle themselves from their landing gear and get their equipment adjusted
they were surprized to find that their landing had been otherwise unapposed.
But from the look of the fencing that surrounded a section of the ruins, theirs was not the only team of adventurers who had called upon the island recently.

With their attention fully drawn to the only apparent edifice the island had to offer,
neither Lacey nor either other member of her team took notice of the lone figure that emerged from the sparse woodland that surrounded the ruin.
Sweeney was the first to spot her and it was instinct that prompted her to raise her weapon and fire.

Sweeeny's bullet struck the woman squarely ...
She clapped both hands to her chest where she stood swaying for a moment as though she were undecided about her next move ...
And then she toppled forward - her bosom striking the ground first, and then her face, hitting hard.

"What in Hell are you doing bringing that old cannon on this gig?" Lacey demanded. "Christ on a crutch! It must weight ten pounds if it weighs an ounce!"

"Got the job done didn't it?" Came as the only rejoinder.

A second native woman appeared as if from out of nowhere and Sweeney proved her case in point by pumping a slug into each of her ample breasts.

"Ya sure do favor nailin' 'em in the chest, don't cha Sweeney?" came as Lacey's only comment on this occasion.

"There's nothing that I enjoy more'n to see a woman struggling with her breasts!" Sweeney opined as the black woman went down.

"Hey watch it you guys!"

Alicia fired her more orthodox automatic weapon as she scampered foward to meet a third native female with a hail of flying lead!

"If I knew I had a team of Bosom Blasters on my hands I might'a had second thought about taking this gig!" Lacey muttered.
Now I'm gonna hafa ta look out for my own 'less any of these babes get any funny ideas!"

"You girls sure do favor the ones with the big tits, don't cha?" She said as she preened provacatively.

"We'll take 'em pretty much as they come, Boss!' Alicia said, speaking on behalf of the team. "Just as long as her nipples are stiff! That's all I care!"

"Look at this!" Sweeney exclaimed as she looked around them. "Three down and who knows how many to go ... And we haven't gotten inside this place yet!"

"Yeah! And I have the feeling that this welcoming party was the least of our worries!" Lacey informed them. "So stay sharp and keep your wits about you!"

Once inside the ruin the Blonde Squad went about investigating the place ...

"There's nothing much here other than a pile of rocks!" Sweeney was disappointed.

"What else did you expect to find?" Lacey returned acidly. "Now, where the hell's Alicia?"

"I'm over here guys!" Alicia squeaked. "Come see! And ya'll better take a deep breath first! Cuz it's God-Awful!"

"My God! Is that thing human?"

"My guess is that it was at one time or another!"

"And to think that this is what we're all coming to!"

"This ... or even less if we aren't particularly well preserved!"

"I gotta have a closer look at this thing!" Lacey declared as she bent down to peer into the hole that was once the mummy's belly.

"Lacey! Look out!" Sweeney exclaimed as a dark figure appeared and loomed over the inquisitive Lacey who was intent on her research.

Sweeney's bullet took the islander just above her navel.
The woman's body lurched up and back ...
And Lacey had just time enough to scramble clear before the native lurched once again and fell down atop the mummy
which was crushed into a good many indistinguishable pieces.

"Man alive!" Lacey exclaimed as she brushed away a few stray bits and pieces of whateever it was that had been left of the mmumy.
"That was a close one! I gotta hand it to you, Sweeney! That was some shooting! I owe you one!"

"The mummy wouldn't a-been so thoroughly scrunched if that broad hadn't a-squirmed around so much after I plugged her!"

"Well ... Ya done 'er in the belly ... So what else could you expect?"

"I think that we better hurry up and find whatever it is we're looking for!" Alicia brought the team back down to earth.
"There's gotta be others here besides these unarmed native women!"

"What have you done?!" A growling voice came to them. "You've defiled the sanctuary! You've destroyed the Holy One!"

A mad scramble quickly ensued as the speechless trio that was the Blonde Squad did their utmost to vacate the premises.

"Quick! This way!" Lacey had discovered a hidden doorway leading from the sanctuary.

"My God! What was that thing?"

"Damned if I know! A vampire, maybe?"

"I don't know who or what it was! But I do know that there sure is a helluva lot more to this place than meets the eye!"

"Are we to meet the Mad Scientist?"

"What Mad Scientist?"

"Isn't there always a Mad Scientist at the bottom of everything on these Island Adventures?"

"Not that I've been made aware of! No!"

"Omigod! What's that?"

"From all outward appearances, I'd say that it was a dead girl laying on her back with a knife protruding from her chest!"

"Yes! And a white girl at that!"

"I told you that I had the feeling that we weren't the first to discover this island!"

"Well, first or not ... This knife may sure come in handy!" Sweeney said as she stooped to pull the knife from the woman's chest.

"What the Hell happened to all the light we had a minute ago?"

"Yeah! Gee but it's dark in here all of a sudden!"

"I can't even see my hand in front of my face!"

And you might have guessed, it was right then that another of the naked islanders loomed from out of the darkness.

Sweeney thrust forward with the knife that she had recently acquired ...
And as luck would have it, the blade encouuntered something relatively soft before it sank to the hilt into the woman's gut.

"You were pretty quick on the trigger that time Sweeney!"

"Yeah! And I didn't even use a gun!"

"I got a piece of her I'll have you know!"

"Yeah ... But mine was the only cut that counted for anything!"

"Awright you two! Quit your arguin' and give me a hand hoisting her atop this here pile!"

"Good Grief! What's been going on here?"

You mean besides us?"

"These women have all been killed recently! And so was the one back where you harvested that knife, Sweeney!"

Just then Lacey's train of thought was interrupted as they came upon an open room and yet another dusky figure approached them ...

And once again Sweeney came to the fore with her knife slashing ...

The woman fell to the ground and Sweeney promply knelt beside her to thrust her new-found knife into her dying victm's chest.

"You're having a high ol' time since you came across that knife, aren't you Sweeney?"

"I'll say I am, Lacey!" Sweeney cheerfully admitted.

"But I've been thinking ... Not one of these natives have posed any real threat to us at all, now that I stop to think of it ..."

"We didn't have such an all-fired amount of time to make up our minds, Lacey!"

"That's true ... But what if they were looking to us for help?"

"Well, Boss! If you want to take a chance trying to communicate with one of them then you're welcome to go right ahead and try it!"

Lacey was up to the challege so convinced was she that they had been barking up the wrong tree right from the first.
And she somehow managed to learn that another team of treasure-hunters had gained the island before the arrival of her Blonde Squad.
The girl didn't have the opportunity to elaborate because as luck would have it she was gunned down from behind!

"We had it wrong right from the get-go, ladies!" Lacey informed her team.
"There's another bunch that's been sackin' this place! It's them we've got to contend with!
"Sweeney! See if you can find us a way out of here!
I've got myself royally screwed up what with all the twists and turns we've been makin'!"

"I think I see the way right this way, Lacey!"

Once Lacey's team found themselves outside the ruins they took cover when they overheard voices ...

"See that boat comin' toward us?"

"That's the boat that carries supplies for that gargoyle an' her girls!"

What's the freak need supplies for? Don't she suck the blood out'a her brown girls?"

"Supposin' she does ... So? Her girls hafta eat, don't they?
We're gonna take charge of that boat! See? So when she docks, one of you babes blast her!"

Which is precisely what transpired.

But as she was fully confident that her team had the situation thoroughly in hand, the shooter exposed herself ...
Which was to cost her dearly when Alicia placed a well-aimed round through the center of her upper chest.

"What the ...? Some sonovbitch just plugged Sue! Take cover girls!"

Then came a mad scramble of women seeking shelter.
But before they could get out of the open, once again Alicia found the range ...

And in her calm, methodical way she gave each of the amply endowed women an ample measure of lead.
And the pair of them went down struggling mightily with their bullet-riddled bosoms.

"Are you sure those two are dead?" Lacey wanted to know. "That's a whole lotta chest-meat you aimed at, Al!"

"Don't you fret yourself none, Boss!" Came the reply. "We'll check on 'em later if you'd like!"

And while the Blonde Squad was thus occupied, one of the island women had an agenda of her own to attend to.

Double-Crosser! Ya sold the lot of us out to those damn pirates! She was thinking.
I'm gonna settle your hash once and for all right here and now!

Her machine gun barked briefly, and when the barking stopped little doubt remained that a turncoat's hash had been settled.

And while this was going on - behind the scenes as it were - Lacey took did her bit by taking care of the boss of the rival gang.

"Shemina? It's been for a long time that I've wanted ta put a cap inta you! And right now I'm a-gonna do it!"

There was little left to attend to in this mop-up operation and when one of the islanders offered to join the Blonde Squad for what was to be the finale ...

No one could offer any reason why they shouldn't allow her the satisfaction.

Now under almost any normal circumstances this would be true ... In fact there isn't a great deal more to tell after all ... But The End it isn't.
And that is due primarily to the fact that there remain one or two loose ends that are in need of resolution.

For one thing ... And it is a pity really ...
No member of the Blonde Squad put much in the way of faith in Raven.
For it was she who had joined the surviving team in the last hours ...
And that was only after she had see fit to plug one of her own people - and for what reason the "Squad" neither knew nor cared.
So it came as little or no surprize when the day came that Raven was rather mysteriously gunned down.

And then the day finally arrived when the Squad was preparing to take leave of the island ...
The bodies had all been attended to and the women were about to take to the boat for which it's owner would no longer have a use.
Lacey was aboard and Sweeney was stowing their equipment away when a bullet tore through her back - finding an exit immediately above her belly.

Sweeney had no more than toppled face down in the boat ...
When a machine gun stuttered ...
And Lacey herself was granted the opportunity to struggle with her breasts as the slugs ventilated her massive bosom!

And so as the saga of Immolation Island draws to it's inevitable conclusion ...
The one question that remains unanswered is ...

Whatever became of Alicia?

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