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June 21, 2019
Counterstrike - Part 1 is Olaf's latest video release. The cast is a trio that includes Kataya, Averia, and Safo. Kataya is new to the Amazon Team and you might think that either Averia or Safo would tip the kid off as to what was quite apt to happen to her around here and maybe affored her the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat. But do you think that either of them would? Not a chance. The new girl is going to have to learn the hard way the same as they all did. Now with Part 1 in the title you would naturally expect that Part 2 will soon follow. It may but I'll believe it when I see it as I am still awaiting the arrival of a Part 2 or so that has yet to appear. But you never know. Counterstrike 2 may be well in hand even as we speak.

June 18, 2019
Olaf has released Killing for Fun starring Leandra and Talanis. And you know when I stop to think about it, that title could easily be applied to all his productions and I dare say to that of all the other producers of this "genre". There is one effect that Olaf has "down cold" as we say. And that is of multiple images of the same actress. This isn't merely a "dual role" but here we have Talanis appearing "cloned" as she is appearing on the screen before us several times at the same time. Now other producers may have blood and wound make-up effects, but I have yet to see multiple images of a player appearing anywhere. (So okay ... I've beaten that point to death) ... Leandra might have known that one or another of the Talanis "machines" would get out of whack in one way or another and give her trouble. As a matter of fact, I guess that she did know as she probably had a copy of the script ahead of time. And as a final note, I've decided to rearrange the index pages so that all the new videos released during the calendar year appear at the head of the index with the same title taking its place somewhere in the alphabetic lists. A tad easier to work with for me the way I have such a difficult time recalling names and titles these days. Oh! And did I make mention of the fact that this video was produced with all of you Belly-Stabbers in mind? Well I'm sure that it must have been. So go and have a look.

June 13, 2019
Olaf reported earlier that Morgane is leaving his team but that there were two videos featuring her in the pipe-line and "The Sadist 2" which was released today is one of them. It would appear that Morgane was attempting to crack the company safe, so there may be a good reason for her taking leave of Olaf's video production enterprise and it could have been that she left feet first. She apparently was not adequately prepared for this gig because it seems that she fell into the now familiar trap of "bringing a knife to a gunfight" as the expression goes. Methinks it likely that she was "set up" by one or another of the other women who probably told her that the job was a "piece of cake" and then hastened to tell Olaf what was going on. Russlana was the first to fall victim to the Sadist and hers is a tough act to follow but Morgane bore up "under fire" wonderfully well.

June 11, 2019
Temple Assault 7 has just been added to my collection of videos from the Team of the Amazon Warrors. There are no fewer than eleven (11) players involved in this production and my only wonder is that neither Saphyra nor Raven are among the cast. The inclusion of either one would have made it an even dozen. And had Jane or Zahray - who hasn't put in an appearance for some time now been there - we would have been treated to a real Mob Scene. As it is eleven is a fair number and in releasing this video I more that half suspect that Olaf is "testing" one of the queries on his poll and if this particular video is not downloaded a sufficient number of times then we may not see many (or any) more of them. There aren't quite enough of them as it is to my own way of thinking and I believe that I own a copy of every one of the productions involving a larger cast. That being said, I'd go for anything that Russlana does were she performing a "solo". I have a soft spot in my head for that woman and the antics she is capable of performing. They all make a fine job of it but I expect that we all are permitted a "favorite". She and/or Raven would be mine but Raven has not been featured lately to any extent. I guess that Thyarmis and Averia are among the better actresses in the troop as they seem to draw the roles where anything like a character portrayal is involved. As much as I favor Russlana, it would seem that her strength is in taking falls and "agonizing" for us. At any rate I have my copy of Temple Assault 7 and so now it is up to you to secure your own copy and I urge you to do so. Should you need further enticement, there are no fewer than forty-seven (that's 47) still images available to you in the Amazon Warriors section of Olaf's site.

June 7, 2019
Olaf has released "Archer Duel 7" in which Saphyra seeks to rout Morgane from the relative saftey of her fortress. In this she succeeds as Morgane is flushed out into the open where the two antagnonists meet face to face. Morgane's knife proves to be too much for Saphyra but Morgane's satisfaction is short lived and as she falls to the ground we see that there is to be no clear victor ... Other than for those of us sitting out here in the audience where we can't help but "win" with any video from the Amazon Warriors Team.

June 3, 2019
Olaf is back in action somewhat sooner than I expected and he has posted "The Perfect Couple 1" starring Antaris and Thyarmis and unless I miss my guess Antaris will prove to be the 'villain' of the piece. Call it "typecasting" if you like but Antaris just has this "look in her eye" while Thyarmis has ever appeared the "innocent victim". Or at least somewhat more innocent than almost anyone else who may be in the cast. Olaf has linked this video in the Modern section of his site but methinks that the episode was produced by customer request (aka "custom") and so I have it placed on the Titaniea index as well. Gosh, Thyarmis! Even if that blood stuff isn't supposed to stain I would sure hate to have to pay your laundry bill!

May 28, 2019
"GunGun ~ Hellfire - Part 2" is the announcement I have been waiting for. And as sort of a "Going Away Present" Olaf, as he exits for parts and places unknown for a week or so, has presented us with no fewer than thirty-seven (37) images to go along with this video. It's a month to the day since Part 1 was released and I was all over this one like "white on rice". There are a full complement of photos attending this release of which you are no-doubt aware if you've accessed the Amazon Archive. This is "GunFun" and has been made available in the "Modern" section at Olaf's site.
These two women have full confidence in whatever it is that Olaf has stuffed into those "burlap" bags that serve to cushion their falls. Also it pays them to be in good shape physically. "Muscle" can take more of a beating without being particularly hurt than anything that is "softer". And when it is "packaged" the way these women have managed to do it ... Well ... What more is there to say?
I missed seeing Russlana go down in slow motion this time around as she did to fine effect in the first segment. When casting about for ways and means to fill out the "time" on a video, Olaf can find no better way to do it than to "compose" and include a slow motion routine by one or another of his players. And so, once again GunFun fans who like to see a pair of Amazons sent sprawling competently in every direction, this video is a "Must".

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