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December 10,2019

The "Massacre of the Savages" has got to be one tough act to follow but follow it he must and so Olaf,
not being one to "rest upon his laurels" for any length of time has released a "double-header" for us
even though it is quite some time yet to the next baseball season.
This release consists of both a video produced by Titaneia which means that it is a 'custom' entitled "Hard to Take - Part 2".
The video takes up where Part 1 left off which was released sometime during October if I remember correctly.
It stars Zahray and Acanta and from what I can see neither of them would be too "hard to take" at all from my perspective
but they had to have a title and so there we are.
I have as yet to sign the praises of the photoset which is "Fallen Amazons 18".
You won't want to miss this one - or at least I won't.
There is an Amazon pictured laying there with an arrow protruding from her chest and her eyes rolled up in her head
that sells the entire set all by itself as far as I am concerned.
I took the sample pictures from Olaf's site because I was somewhat comfused by those at my usual source
and splitting what was there in two would have left both of these previews rather skimpy.
If I can get away with it I may continue the practice. Now that our 'crowd-funded' effort is behind us
I'll be on the market for more of these productions myself and it's a good way to obtain a thorough preview.
And appropo of nothing, I'm going get a pencil and paper, cue up the "Massacre of the Savages",
keep one finger on the pause button, and make pencil strokes to account for each "kill" in the video.
I considered doing it by actress but I get them confused at times so it'll be by "cowgirls and redskins" only ...
And don't those girls have the "shirts and skins" basketball teams from my high school gym class beat all hollow!

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