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Sword Fun Vol. 3

Hey folks!

Here´s another episode of the "SWORD FUN" custom series!

Once again 2 hot girls stabbing each other in the navel in 10 brief fight scenes between AVERIA and TALANIS.
All ending up with a blade through the belly.
Bodies stay clean - no blood or wound FX!

Producer: TITANEIA customs Time: 11:29 Full HD SEPT 2018

Starring: AVERIA, and TALANIS

Keywords: amazons, sexy, arrow, sword, spear, navel, belly, stabbing, impaled, no blood

And this response from Bellyslasher, who ranks as an authority on scenes such as these ...

"What can i say?
This is the perfect surprise!!!
Thank you Olaf!
Great performance!
Next one we wanna see Safo!!!"

I don't think that we can find a stronger endorsement than this ...

Have Fun!

Olaf & Team

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