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Passion Leads to Doom

Posted: Jan Fri 31, 2020

Dear friends, PASSION LEADS TO DOOM is the tale about AVERIA, an adventurer on the tracks of a mysterious tribe of amazons, who are supposed to bear huge treasures.
The smell of gold leads her to the jungle where she gets captured by the amazon queen herself.
AVERIA is tough, but she knows this time it´s better to cooperate:
She becomes the queen´s personal mate, and both women enjoy an erotic romance for some time.
One day AVERIA takes the chance for escape, but the queen is not willing to let her go.
So AVERIA takes her gun, and so the lesbian romance comes to a bloody end.
But one of the queen´s guards is watchful, and also AVERIA meets her fate...

Producer: TITANEIA customs Time: 18:46 Full HD JAN 2020


Keywords: amazons, topless, modern, guns, shooting, belly, chest, back, supernatural, throat cut, lesbian, kissing, fondling, blood, bare feet

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