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La Mort Cruelle

The Last Day of a Queen

Hey folks!
Here´s our latest release: "LA MORT CRUELLE - THE LAST DAY OF A QUEEN"

It is the return of our beloved SURI!
Shot back in february it took us sooo long to release it - but finally here it is!
It´s also a salute to LEANDRA who suffered a bad accident this summer and is hopefully on a good way of recovery!

Queen SURI is under attack.
She made a filthy deal with her enemies, sacrificing her troops to save her own life.
But her brave warriors under SEMIRA´s command defeated the enemy - and now SEMIRA returns to take revenge on her traitorous queen.
But first she has to face the queen´s loyal bodyguard: LEANDRA!

Producer: AMAZON WARRIORS Time:06:10 Full HD OCT 2018


Keywords: amazons, topless, sword, knife, arrow, breast, belly, impaled, stabbing, fight, blood, boots, leather

Have Fun!

Olaf & Team

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