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I'm happy to announce the 3rd clip for 2020:

"Once Upon A Time"

Automatic Slideshow - Image Changes Every 10 Seconds:

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This is inspired by the gangster pic called "Once Upon A Time in America," and features one of my favorite shootings.
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A floozy is trapped by a crime boss looking for her boyfriend, and when she can't help with his whereabouts, he has his female killer friend pump her full of bullets.
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In our version, the floozy is played by the busty treat Quinn Taylor.
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She hits the bed after the first shot, and then is progressively hit until she is clearly dead, and then she's shot a couple more times just for good measure.
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Unfortunately, she forgot to wear panties that day, so I can't show you all the pics from the film, but I'm happy to share them with you if you're interested.
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Drop me a line at blacknylonsfilms@yahoo.com for pricing and ordering information.

On another note, DeadSexyClips has simply disappeared over the weekend.

A "Clarification" Posted: Feb Thu 27, 2020 10:23 am
Well, the good news about DeadSexyClips is that John Marshall finally communicated with me after the site finally communicated with him
that the issue was that they migrated their server and had a (very long) problem with the DNS data base.

Anyway, it does seem to have been corrected, so they (and Black Nylons) are back on line at DeadSexyClips.com and their companion sites like Kinky-Clips.com.

Direct: blacknylonsfilms@yahoo.com

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