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2010 "Betrayal"
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Quinn Taylor stars as two sisters who are at odds over family money and secrets.
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Quinn has just returned from the swimming pool - But if you think that towel will afford her much in the way of protection - well - we'll see ...
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Amy betrays her sibling by hiring a hitman to do away with her ...
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When the killer arrives, Quinn can't quite believe it! A hitman in her kitchen brandishing a gun?!
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The killer doesn't believe in wasting time so he gets right down to the business at hand.
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And didn't I say something about that towel not doing much in the way of body armor?
7 / 14
I don't know how many times Quinn was shot but the killer uses one of those "Hollywood Guns" that run out of ammunition only on rare occasions.
8 / 14
Amidst the sounds of the silenced gun and her sister's grunts and groans, Amy sits in the living room, calmly perrusing a travel brouchure.
9 / 14
The hitman didn't bring a body bag, so he will have to make do with whatever is here at hand.
10 / 14
A bagging! And such a clever use for a plastic dropcloth! By golly! There's something in this video for almost everyone!
11 / 14
But, then, Amy finds that the tables are turned! ... How could the killer be expected to leave a witness behind?
12 / 14
And so Amy joins her sister in death when she is perforated by the hitman's bullets!
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The last scene was inspired by the Mexican film clip that Big O posted a while back from a film called "La Reina de los Narcos."
14 / 14
Had he included a headshot, Tommy Gun would have included about all that a "shootist" production can do. (And yes, the "crotch-shot" is there.)

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